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Unmatched Productivity Elements of Office 365

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Office 2013 Upgrade

The Office 365 Enterprise subscription embodies the following applications.  When our customers enroll in the enterprise SKU (E3), they receive the same types of applications as if someone ordered the Office 2013 Upgrade. Only with Office 365, it’s better, as they can install the apps on up to five of their machines.

The upgrade process will be seamless – you will get an email with a link to activate your download. All your documents and settings will be transferred to the Office 2013 software automatically. One click and you are done!  Windows Partner offers Office 365

Here is a summary of what to expect when you start using these great new programs:

  • Word is cleaner, sleeker, and easier on the eyes. New templates and design tools help you put the finishing touch on documents, and you’ll find new and updated ways to share and work with others.
 Windows Partner offers Office 365 Word
  • Ready to create more striking presentations with PowerPoint? Select a theme, add a design variant, and align text and pictures, and more. Work on the same version with others at the same time, and present with more confidence and control.
 Windows Partner offers Office 365 PowerPoint
  • Excel lets you enjoy new ways to explore your data more intuitively. Visualize, analyze, and display results with a single click. And when you’re ready, it’s easy to share your freshly discovered insights.
 Windows Partner offers Office 365 Excel
  • OneNote is a digital notebook for creating and storing all your notes. Your notes are automatically saved and searchable so you have them when you need them. And when you’re on the go, they travel with you on your favorite devices or nearly any browser.
 Windows Partner offers Office 365 OneNote
  • Outlook helps you manage your busy life more easily and efficiently. You get new and improved ways to find information quickly, handle email, coordinate schedules with your team and customers, keep current with contacts and social networks, and tame your unruly to-do lists.
 Windows Partner offers Office 365 Outlook
  • Project helps you easily plan projects and collaborate with your team from virtually anywhere. Keep your projects on track and increase visibility into your project portfolio through rich built in reporting capabilities. Get projects started quickly and stay organized with the only project management system designed to work seamlessly with other Microsoft applications and cloud services.  Project is optional to the E3 subscription.
 Windows Partner offers Office 365 Project
  • Visio helps you visually communicate complex concepts and frameworks across a wide range of Business and IT domains. It has a wide range of templates and solutions ranging from Engineering, IT, Development, Business Processes to Floor plans and Organization charts. It is the most widely deployed and market leading Advanced Diagramming tool. Furthermore, you can link data to diagrams and publish these rich insightful and professional diagrams to SharePoint/Office 365 to share them within and outside the enterprise.  Visio is optional to the E3 subscription


 Windows Partner offers Office 365 Visio

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